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Fall in Love with Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Plastic Surgery for Valentine

Whether you’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day with a loved one or Galentine’s Day with your besties, don’t wait for someone else to get you a gift! It is totally normal to have areas that you are self-conscious of, but you don’t have to live with that unhappiness. Skip the flowers and chocolate and give yourself the gift of confidence this year.

Suffolk Plastic Surgeons, P.C. can help you show self-love with a variety of non-invasive treatments you can have done with no downtime before February 14th:

Pucker up for Valentine’s Day with Restylane Refyne

FDA-approved Restylane® Refyne is a clear gel formulation of hyaluronic acid that is specifically formulated to give your lips fullness and definition as well as help visibly correct mild to moderate lines and wrinkles. Take advantage of our Valentine’s Day special and enjoy 30% off Restylane Refyne through 2/28/19!

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Love Handles with CoolSculpting

Now you can relax while we permanently freeze stubborn fat cells in all those stubborn spots! CoolSculpting is a state-of-the-art procedure that doesn’t require a single incision or suture. Fat cells hate the cold! They will freeze at higher temperatures than their surrounding tissues. We can precisely target fat cells beneath the skin anywhere you want: the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and many more areas! Results from CoolSculpting are long-term and with no downtime! The only thing you’ll feel is a soothing, cold sensation and some gentle tugging.

Restore and Improve your Sexual Wellness and Satisfaction with Geneveve by Viveve

As a woman ages, her body produces less collagen, her skin begins to lose firmness and the vaginal walls will lose resiliency. This can cause decreased sensation and lubrication, leading to pain during intercourse, stress incontinence and leakage. Geneveve™ Vaginal Rejuvenation can improve a woman’s sexual wellness with a non-surgical procedure. One 45-minute treatment is all that’s needed to see results lasting 12 months or longer and there is no downtime!

Tighten Tissues in your Face and Neck using Ultherapy

Ultherapy® is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that may effectively lift and
tighten the face and neck using ultrasound energy. It also can improve lines and wrinkles on the chest. This nonsurgical treatment targets the deep layers of tissue normally adjusted during a facelift or neck lift, stimulating collagen production to achieve a slimmer, much more youthful appearance. Ultherapy can be used to treat sagging skin on the cheeks and neck while leaving the surface of the skin intact.

Get Glowing Skin for Date Night with Microdermabrasion

Do you ever wish that your face had a more even skin tone? You should try microdermabrasion! This minimally-invasive treatment rejuvenates the skin’s appearance, treating sun damage, scarring, wrinkles and other unwanted skin problems. During the procedure, a gently stream of tiny particles exfoliate the outer layer of skin, gently exfoliates your skin, giving your complexion a smoother, brighter appearance that is more even in color.

Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day for self-care. Give yourself the gift of confidence at Suffolk Plastic Surgeons P.C. Call us now at 631-364-0333 to schedule your treatments!

Am I a Good Candidate for the Geneveve Treatment?

Geneveve Treatment

A woman’s body changes repeatedly throughout her lifetime. Adding to that change, the body produces less collagen, skin begins to lose its firmness and the vaginal walls lose resiliency. These changes cause decreased sensation and lubrication sometimes resulting in pain during intercourse, stress incontinence, and leakage. Geneveve™ Vaginal Rejuvenation can improve these conditions!

The Geneveve treatment is the top choice for many seeking a non-surgical procedure. Unlike other options available, only one Geneveve™ Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment is needed to restore and improve a woman’s sexual wellness and satisfaction, not just anatomically, but also emotionally all while boosting self-confidence! So who exactly is a good candidate for this treatment?

Women who are experiencing vaginal laxity due to aging or childbirth can often benefit from this procedure. Some of the most common reasons to consider Geneveve™ include:

  • Mild to moderate urinary stress incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decreased sensation during intercourse
  • A loss of sexual pleasure
  • Tampons feel like they might slip out
  • Decreased elasticity in vaginal tissue

If you are interested in learning more about the Geneveve treatment, or any other procedures we offer, please feel free to reach out to us on social media or give us a call: 631-364-0333.

Improve Sexual Sensation & Satisfaction with Geneveve!

vaginal rejuvenation geneveve

Things are heating up! Feel a new kind of sensational with the Geneveve treatment! A quick, comfortable, and lasting vaginal collagen treatment for dramatically improved sexual sensation and satisfaction! No magic – just safe, effective and comfortable gentle heating and surface cooling.

What is it?

Geneveve is a treatment that uses gentle deep heating and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s natural collagen formation process. It is a comfortable, single-session, 30-minute treatment. Geneveve does not require local or topical anesthesia or analgesics and is performed by a trained healthcare professional in an outpatient setting.

Who is a good candidate?

Your doctor will determine if Geneveve is right for you given your medical history. However, you should not consider Geneveve if you have an implantable pacemaker or an Automatic Implantable Cardioverter/Defibrillator (AICD) or any other implantable metal device.

Is it safe?

Yes! Clinical studies have shown that the Geneveve treatment is safe as well as effective.

If you are interested in learning more about the Geneveve treatment, or any other procedures we offer, please feel free to reach out to us on social media or give us a call: 631-364-0333.



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