Fireworks-Related Injuries and Plastic Surgery

July 3, 2013

photo credit: Bobbi Jones Jones

photo credit: Bobbi Jones Jones

Florists have Valentine’s Day. Taverns have St. Patrick’s Day. Those are the busiest days of the year in those industries. But being busy isn’t always a good thing…

The Fourth of July is often the busiest day of the year for many plastic surgeons across America.

Thousands of people are rushed to the hospital for fireworks-related injuries to the extremities (hands and fingers) and head (faces, ears and eyes) as a result of illegal backyard fireworks displays on and around July 4th. Injuries often involve severe burns, loss of hands or fingers, and blindness. Alcohol is often a factor as is the erroneous assumption that sparklers are not dangerous.

Here are some sobering government statistics on fireworks injuries:*

The Most Injured Body Parts:

46% Hands and Fingers

17% Eyes

17% Heads, faces, and ears

Injuries by Fireworks Type:

17% Sparklers

14% Reloadable Shells

13% Firecrackers

7% Roman Candles

6% Bottle Rockets

Please view a professional fireworks display from a safe distance this weekend. If you or someone you know sustains a fireworks-related injury, get medical treatment immediately.

The doctors of Suffolk Plastic Surgeons cover the following Suffolk County hospitals: Stony Brook University, J.T. Mather Memorial, St. Charles, and Brookhaven Memorial. When you’re faced with an injury that threatens the permanent loss of your hand or fingers, be sure your plastic surgeon is also a burn specialist and an experienced hand surgeon. Likewise, don’t trust your face to just anyone if you’ve been disfigured by fireworks.

As on every Fourth of July, physicians from Suffolk Plastic Surgeons will be on-call to assist you at any of the above hospitals in the event of an emergency.

But they are looking forward to not seeing you this weekend. So be safe.

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Are you going to a professional or an amateur fireworks show this holiday? Do you know anyone who has been injured by fireworks?


Photo credit: Bobbi Jones Jones:

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