How to Recover From Your Tummy Tuck Faster

June 22, 2016

Getting a tummy tuck can be a big adjustment and requires plenty of recovery time. After surgery you should expect bruising and swelling, in addition to some pain in your abdomen. Many wonder if there are ways that you can speed up this recovery time. The easy answer is no, you can’t rush recovering from a tummy tuck. However, there are many ways to make the recovery process run smoother.

1. Stay well hydrated before and after you have your surgery.
This reduces your chances of complications, something that would definitely increase your recovery time. Drinking lots of water allows your body to flush out toxins and keep your skin cells clean and replenished.

2. Absolutely no smoking.
This can lead to a prominent or problematic scar because smoking inhibits your body’s ability to heal properly. Additionally, the chemicals in cigarettes are harmful to your skin because they hinder blood flow.

3. As soon as your doctor allows you to, get moving.
While you should limit vigorous physical activity and participation in contact sports for 4 to 6 weeks, as soon as you can get moving, do it. Walking is a great way to do this, and as it becomes more comfortable you can increase your pace. Sitting or lying down can increase your chances of getting blood clots.

4. Sponge bathe for at least 15 days following your operation.
Showering can be dangerous after a tummy tuck because the water can cause permanent damage on your skin. Additionally, the unfiltered water can lead to an infection to your stitches. By sponge bathing following your operation you are putting less pressure on the sensitive skin.

5. Sleep with your head and shoulders elevated.
Lift your shoulders and head with a pillow, this decreases strain on the abdominal area.

Full recovery for a tummy tuck can take up to three months and your incision should eventually fade into a thin line. Some doctors even recommend wearing a compression garment after surgery to receive optimal results. It is crucial to getting surgery that you properly take care of yourself after the operation. Otherwise the money you just spent has gone to waste, and your results won’t be as good.


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