Snow Safety Tips from Suffolk Plastic Surgeons

January 28, 2015

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A blizzard of “potentially historic proportions” hit Long Island, burying some areas in over two feet of snow overnight. Once it subsided, the first thing most people did was started digging out.

This is a reminder to all to be very careful when using snow removal machinery like snow-blowers, plows, or even shovels. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions on machinery.

  • Never reach your hands or fingers into a jammed snow blower, even after unplugging it or turning it off!
  • Be careful to keep feet and toes clear when hooking up or detaching heavy plows to the front of trucks.
  • Be sure to keep a safe distance between you and any helpers when wielding those snow shovels to avoid facial lacerations and injuries.

After the driveway is clear, people often head for the hills. The sledding hills, that is.

Please use caution when sledding. Last night, one local teen was tragically killed sledding after hitting a pole. Never sled alone or in a dark or unfamiliar location. Beware of obstacles like light poles, fences and other natural or man-made dangers. Never sled in an area that could spill out onto a roadway. Watch out for other sledders to avoid collisions. Dress appropriately and protect yourself, including your fingers, from the freezing cold.

In the event of an accident or injury, get medical assistance immediately. Retrieve and pack any severed digits first in a plastic bag, then on ice (for potential reattachment) and apply pressure to the wound and follow the instructions of emergency personnel.

Did you know that you can call Suffolk Plastic Surgeons at 631-751-4400 (even after hours) or have hospital staff from the emergency room call to request our surgeons? People often don’t realize they can request a particular plastic surgeon or group when in the ER, and that they don’t have to be treated by whoever is on-call at the particular hospital. This is especially important for facial wounds requiring stitches or plastic surgery.

Our surgeons are all Board-certified in plastic surgery and are affiliated with most local hospitals in Suffolk County. Having a plastic surgeon you already know, or at least one that is Board-certified in plastic surgery, can make all the difference in an emergency.

Be safe out there!

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