5 Questions You Should Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

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June 14, 2016

Plastic surgery is a big decision that comes with many questions. These are the top five questions you should be asking your doctor to ensure that your operation is as safe and clear as possible.

1. Is your doctor board certified?
Ask your doctor about their certifications, the answers may surprise you. In the United States doctors are not required to be board certified in order to perform cosmetic operations. Asking is the best way to ensure you have the most qualified person executing your operation.

2. How many times have you performed this procedure in the past six months?
Even if this doctor has performed a specific surgery plenty of times, you want to make sure they have done it recently. The best way to ensure great results is to have an experienced surgeon.

3. What are the risks of the surgery?
There is no such thing as zero risks when it comes to surgery. If your doctor says “risk-free” this should be a big red flag. A good follow up to this question is:

4. What plans are in place in case of a surgical complication or side effect?
Also, how often has the doctor encountered a complication with your specific procedure? The last thing you want is for your surgeon to encounter a problem they don’t know how to solve.

5. Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
Make sure your doctor has thoroughly examined your medical history. This is the best way to avoid a complication or bad side effect.


These are not the only questions you should be asking your surgeon, but they are definitely a great start. Before any surgery do your research and there’s no such thing as too many questions for your doctor! Feel free to call us with your questions about plastic surgery at (631)494-2214.


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