4 Stars Who Have Gone Under the Knife

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August 30, 2016

Everyone knows of a celebrity or five who have had plastic surgery in order to improve their appearance. What not everyone knows is that these surgeries aren’t always just for looks! Here are 4 celebrities who have gotten plastic surgery with great results.

1. Ariel Winter

Ariel had a breast reduction after being criticized for years about what she wore on the red carpet and how appropriate it was for her age or body type. That is until she decided to take charge and make a change. Since having the surgery she feels more confident in her own skin and has reduced back issues she’s suffered from due to her breast size.

2. Susan Sarandon

Ms. Sarandon has admitted to getting liposuction underneath her chin and under her eyes. However, she doesn’t believe in extreme surgeries. In an interview she once said, “But if you can’t move your face or you’re unrecognizable, I don’t see how that’s a productive enhancement. You don’t want to look like a female impersonation of yourself.” By undergoing plastic surgery she has boosted her confidence by retaining a natural and beautiful aesthetic.

3. Sylvester Stallone

Mr. Stallone used plastic surgery in order to correct an issue with his face sagging due to nerve damage on the left side of his face. Some of the procedures he has undergone include a forehead lift, facial lift, jawline transformation, and Botox injections.

4. Ashley Tisdale

Ashley used plastic surgery in order to correct a long standing issue she had with her nose, a deviated septum. After her rhinoplasty she was able to breathe better and also felt more confident in her appearance with a slimmer looking nose.

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