What to Know Before Laser Hair Removal

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September 18, 2016

Like many people, you have probably considered laser hair removal once or twice. Continuously going to a salon or spa to get waxed can get exhausting, not to mention painful. If you’ve ever wondered the ins and outs of what happens before, during and after the removal process, here is a quick rundown:

  • Before: Once you schedule the appointment, you need to hold off on your usual hair-removal routine, as the hair follicles need time to grow so that the laser is effective. After all, there is little point in doing laser hair removal if there isn’t much hair to remove! Having mentioned this, you will however want to shave the day of the appointment. That way the laser is able to focus on the specific hair follicles where the treatment is being done.
  • During: A beam of light is aimed at the site of the hair and when focused, the light is able to damage the follicle to prevent any future growth from occurring. This process typically stops hair growth anywhere from a few months to years - it truly depends on the quality of the service and the thickness of hair.
  • After: Do not be afraid if there is some post-laser breakout, since this process leaves the hair follicle open and you are therefore susceptible. Using a hydrocortisone cream or antibacterial lotion will help the breakout from spreading. If you do the removal during the warmer months, be sure to avoid sun for a week in order to prevent additional irritation.

Laser hair removal treatment is great as a long-term solution for many, as it can remove unwanted hair and make your hair removal routine much simpler. There are many options available for laser hair removal services at Suffolk Plastic Surgeons, give us a call today!

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