What You Need to Know About Getting a Breast Lift

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September 30, 2016

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has reported that the mastopexy surgery, commonly referred to as a breast lift procedure, has increased by 70 percent since 2000. A breast lift procedure is a popular choice for many women due to changes and the loss of skin elasticity. Due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight gain and loss, progressive aging or heredity and gravity, women opt to undergo a breast lift, making them feel more confident and healthy in the long run.

As with any surgery, the candidate must maintain good health and be a non-smoker. Many women are mostly bothered with the overall shape of their breasts, because after aging or life events, such as pregnancy, breasts sag and lose their shape and volume. Additionally, women are often unhappy with how gravity has taken a toll on their breasts and therefore opt to have a breast lift.

It is important to note that a breast lift will not change the overall size of your breasts or make your chest appear more round. If you are interested in increasing the size of your breasts, you are better off consulting with your doctor about a breast augmentation surgery.

If you are interested in hearing more information regarding a breast lift, call Suffolk Plastic Surgeons to get more details and to schedule a consultation.

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