Plastic Surgery Among College Students

July 31, 2015

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September is a time of transition. And for young adults leaving for college, it’s an especially exciting time. It’s a new chapter in life. A clean slate.

Everyone loves a fresh start, especially those who want to put the angst of those high school…and middle school…years behind them. College will bring new friends, new experiences, and a whole new life. For that reason, some students decide to address a body issue that’s been interfering with their confidence for some time, either before or during their college years.

The days of denying a secret winter break nose job are gone. A recent survey at Ithaca College in New York indicates that college students are embracing cosmetic surgery:

“In an Ithacan-conducted survey of 77 people, 48.5 percent of respondents said they had considered having a part of their body altered with plastic surgery. Eight percent of student respondents reported that they had gotten some form of cosmetic surgery.”*

Years of bullying, self-doubt, or the daily pressure to have the perfect selfie can damage self-esteem. In addition to making the grades, the pressure to look your best to land the internship or first real job in a tough economy is also stressful for young adults.

Some of the most popular plastic surgery options for young adults at Suffolk Plastic Surgeons include nose jobs (rhinoplasty), breast augmentation, ear-pinning (otoplasty), liposuction, and male chest reduction (gynecomastia). Popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments (offered at our on-site medical spa, Spa Belle Meade) include laser hair removal, cellulite reduction, and CoolSculpting® (fat-freezing treatment to permanently remove fat from belly, hips, and thighs). In addition, we’re currently offering a $6,195 limited time special on breast augmentation and discounts on multiple areas of CoolSculpting®.

If you’ve been thinking about having something done, Suffolk Plastic Surgeons offers surgical and non-invasive cosmetic surgery treatments that can help return your confidence. A thorough and free consultation with one of our Board-certified plastic surgeons will answer all your questions. And with long-term interest-free financing options, you don’t have to wait any longer for the look you want.

It’s not too late to do something this summer. And it’s not too early to plan something for an upcoming break. Call today for your free consultation at 631-751-4400.

A small change is usually all it takes to look like “you…only better”. Now, go out and take on the world.

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Have you ever considered plastic surgery? What surgery would/did you have?

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