Treatment for Buffola Hump with Liposuction!

August 4, 2011

Suffolk Plastic Surgeons, P.C. is now offering treatment for Buffola Hump.  Buffalo hump refers to a lump of fat that develops at the top of the back between the shoulders.  This can be quite disfiguring and can lead to contour deformities.  This can eventually cause a person limited ability  to extend their head and neck, and they must keep their head in a flexed downward position.  This can be successfully treated with liposuction.  This treatment will significantly and dramatically reduce the excess fat  and flatten the buffola hump. For patients who have lost range of motion because of the fullness of the back, it can be a great relief to be able to fully extend the head and neck and be able to walk in an upright manner.  For patients who have a slight bulge, liposuction can thoroughly remove the fat and restore smooth even contours allowing normal clothing to be worn.  Call 631-751-4400 for a consultation.

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